Destination DentSchool App

Well, here it is.

I made A LOT of changes in the past two days.

This app is now specifically for University of Delaware Pre-Dental students who are applying for a recommendation from the Health Science Advisement and Evaluation Committee (HSAEC). More info about HSAEC can be found here. Essentially, it is a board of UD professors, advisors, dentists, and doctors who evaluate a student as a candidate for dental school and then write one recommendation to be sent out to schools. The majority of Pre-Dents here at Delaware go through HSAEC. There are very specific steps one needs to take if they apply to HSAEC. Ideally incoming freshman who are interested in pursuing a career in dentistry would be guided to this app. It is assumed that they have a basic understanding of HSAEC, but if they have questions, they can submit them via the question mark under resources.

Destination DentSchool now just has three tabs

  • My Progress
  • My Checklists
  • My Resources

The “depth” is in the checklists. Though the “Junior” checklist is not clickable, it would be in approximately the same format as “Freshman” and “Sophomore.” The main thing is that you know what you should be doing when. Since students go through HSAEC their junior year, senior year is not included.

To see overall progress there are pie charts under my progress as well as GPA and science GPA. The GPA’s are synced with UDSIS so a student doesn’t need to type each individual grade in.


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